Towels and bed linen

Despite us thinking this was going to be a short episode, it turns out we have a lot to say about towels and bed linen!!


If you've ever wondered what the "right" number of towels are for a household, or find yourself drowning in seas of fitted sheets, this episode might clear a few things up for you.

Show notes:

How many bath towels should you own?


  • Debate on Twitter early 2019 - a man asked how many towels for a couple and it started a twitter storm with over 2000 replies.

  • The general minimalist answer was 2 per person. 

  • Jo Jaggs – General Manager of Design at Sheridan – She advises the following:

“Everybody needs a set of towels that they absolutely love. At least one for the beach, one for your body, one that's in the wash and perhaps one for your hair if you need."

Times when you might need more? 

  • Have a pool

  • Live near the beach (swim regularly) 

  • have many guests at once


How to store them? 

  • In bathroom

  • In linen cupboard elsewhere 

  • In bedroom

  • Rolled or folded

Oprah talks towels

Dr Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona

“After about two days, if you dry your face on a hand towel, you’re probably getting more E. coli on your face than if you stuck your head in a toilet and flushed it.”


Best ways to dispose of old towels?

  • If you have a pet, keep a few for them (muddy/ back of car/ baths)

  • Rags - car washing etc...only if you don't already have enough

  • Donate to animal shelters/ wildlife sanctuary

  • Textile recycling

Ikea SKUBB storage


How many sheet sets should you own?

  • Lots of websites say the magic number is 3 per bed 

  • Depends on what your washing habits are like

  • Let go of the mis-matched ones if you never use them


How to fold a fitted sheet- You Tube Tutorial​

How to store sheet sets? 

  • In linen cupboard 

  • In bedroom

  • Rolled or folded

  • By set or room 

  • In pillow case

Best way to organise a linen cupboard?

  • Seasonal stuff: blankets/ beach towels/ flannelette sheets up high or down low (hard to reach)

  • Everyday towels and sheets easily accessible

  • Sort by function, size or colour

  • Label sheet sizes on the tag with a permanent marker if you have multiples in the same colour etc


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