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Bec and Tara are big readers. They love reading, and love books. They understand why people end up with more books than space; they totally get it. Because of this, we have a long episode for you this week, full of personal stories about books and reading and all that stuff.


Don't worry, somewhere among the stories we'll have some tips for you on how to make decisions about books if you need to declutter them (it's okay....just breathe!).

Show notes:

Books evoke strong emotions in people

  • The smell, feel of the pages, look of covers

  • The memories or feeling like you have been on a journey together and you can’t discard that

  • The promise of something wonderful

“If you haven’t read it by now, the book’s purpose was to teach you that you didn’t need it.” ~ Marie Kondo

Michael McIntyre skit on Books 

Reasons we want to keep books

  • They might be valuable (collections, vintage etc)

  • We want to read it one day

  • We read it and loved it

  • We don’t want it to be wasted (thrown away)

  • It smells nice

  • The pictures are pleasing

  • The paper is pleasing

  • It was a gift

  • We don’t know where else it could go

  • It’s part of our history/past

  • We think the information might be useful to refer to again

  • We will feel guilty getting rid of it. 

Ways to reduce our books:

  • Stop acquiring them - either read what you have, switch to the library, e-books or audiobooks

  • Set boundaries

  • Limit the space they take up or number of genres to keep

  • Select a “hall of fame” for some (or all) genres/categories

  • Be clear on why you’re keeping them and ask yourself if they are logical and helpful reasons

  • Understand that books in a tub in the shed or attic aren’t any use where they are

  • Think about the unread ones - if they are unread, why? Is it because you haven’t gotten to it yet? Does that mean you always go to other unread books first, or does it mean you have so many unread books that you never get to it? Either way, that’s showing that you didn’t prioritise it high enough to warrant keeping it.



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