Planning ahead for Christmas

So.....Tara is bursting out of her curly elf shoes with excitement because Christmas is coming! (She's already singing...make it stop!)


But if it's coming, we'd best be ready for it rather than just complain, hey?


This episode is all about ways you can reduce your stress and workload close to Christmas by planning ahead of time. Grab your notebook - you'll want to start your planning straight away!

Show notes:

Why plan early for Christmas?

  • Cheaper

  • Easier

  • Not rushed

  • Less likely to impulse buy

  • Less likely to overspend

  • Spread costs

  • Plenty of time to have discussions with family/ friends to avoid unwanted gifts or additional expenses

What to plan: 

  • Kids gifts

    • Ask what they want or decide what they need or experiences that might be cherished

    • Budget 

    • Tell grandparents/ aunts/ uncles in advance so they have time to locate & purchase

  • Family gifts

    • Agree to all opt out with plenty of notice

    • Agree to spend money on food/ drinks/ event/ time together as the gift 

    • Opportunity to discuss joint gifts 

  • Other gift considerations

    • Teacher/ coach gifts - planning in advance gives you the time to hand make something

    • Travelling - planning allows you to think about what will need to be transported and the room you have for carrying gifts 

    • Photo gifts or personalised gifts - these take time to order and be produced

  • Your activities in December

    • School concerts

    • End of year/ work Christmas parties

    • Catchups with friends and family

    • Religious, carols or tree-lighting events


  • Food 

    • Making items (Christmas puddings)

    • Ordering from markets or stores

    • No last minute panic shop


  • Tara’s top planning tips: 

    • Write a list of gift recipients -tick as you go

    • Multi-buy where possible

    • Use up vouchers/ reward points etc to save $


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