New Year Goal Setting Part 2

We're forging on with this episode despite Tara still sounding like she's in the toilet (she's not, not all of the time anyway) and we are finishing our talk on goal setting.


We've covered the why, and some hows, and this week we talk about overcoming obstacles, being accountable and maybe even NOT setting goals at all!

Show notes:

Effective Goal Setting - continued (from last week's episode - see last week's notes here)

  • Get invested in the why- "Why do you want to achieve this goal?"

    • Know what is on the line if you achieve or don’t achieve your goal

    • Ask yourself what is standing in the way?

    • What hurdles do you have to overcome?

  • Break your goal into steps/ tasks -

    • How are you going to achieve it?

    • What EXACTLY do you have to do?

    • Go into precise detail.

    • By when? Set timelines and stick to them.

  • Get yourself an Accountability Partner

    • Like a personal trainer

    • Keep you on track

    • Not buy into your rubbish excuses

    • Taps into your need to meet others’ expectations - powerful

    • Challenge your doubt

    • When you are accountable to someone else (outside of yourself and your spouse) you are more likely to succeed

    • American Society of Training and Development say having an accountability partner increases your chance of completing a task by 65% and increases the chance of success by 95%

    • Doesn’t always have to be a paid person - could be a friend/ mentor/ someone in the same position

    • Apps/ Groups (FB, habitgroup, Stikk) - which make your goal public

  • Don't forget to celebrate your successes along the way

    • Create a reward system for yourself

    • When you achieve your small tasks/ steps acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishment - It will keep you motivated

  • Other ideas

    • Some people write them down and put under pillow - read before going to sleep each night (let subconscious work on it)

    • Other read though short medium long term every day or start of every week

    • Goal setting Journals to keep you on track- ask you questions about what you want- review regularly

    • Play around and find what works for you


Anti-goal setting movement


  • Negatives about goals

    • Limiting

    • Can become obsessive

    • Try to control some things that can’t be controlled

    • They can ignore some intangibles

    • Don’t work for all personality types


  • Set a theme instead

  • Be flexible and willing to change

  • Follow your whim - what do you feel like doing?

  • Intention setting

  • Go with flow

  • Include experiences as well - like a bucket list for the year


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