Avoiding Landfill

Sometimes a huge barrier to decluttering is the fear of contributing to our massive problem of landfill.


In this episode, Bec and Tara talk about ways you can reduce this fear and guilt and have a smaller impact on the landfill volumes than you think!

Show notes:

Ways to let go of things without putting them in the bin:

Other specific donation options: (for links to donation centres below click here)

  • Plastic Bottle Lids4Kids 

  • Bread tags for Wheelchairs

  • Return unwanted medicines to Pharmacy

  • Planet Ark 

    • Batteries

    • Printer Cartridges

    • Mobile phones 

  • Paintback - household wasted paint and tins

  • Tech Collect

    • TV’s

    • Computers and e-waste

  • Angel Gowns for Wedding dresses

  • Recycled Sound for Hearing Aids

  • Lion’s Recycle for Sight - prescription glasses and contacts

  • Uplift Bras for bras and swimwear

  • Boomerang Bags for fabric and sewing equipment

  • Manrags for socks

  • Some clothing stores have garment donation bins (H&M, Lorna Jane etc)

  • Shoes For Planet Earth 

  • Landcare/ Bushcare or Community garden - will take donations of stockings/ tights and some old clothes. Use as ties for veggie stakes or use as weed matting under mulch etc. Natural fibres preferred.

  • Dress for Success Sydney or Fitted for Work - take donations of used corporate clothes to help disadvantaged women seek employment.

  • Clothing swap party - get together with friends/ community group to swap used items

  • Women Against Waste- Tania Goranitis

  • Scrap metal recyclers

  • Xray recyclers


For donating toys -

  • Daycare centre

  • Community group

  • Church

  • Dentist/ Doctors surgery



The best way to avoid sending stuff to landfill is to not acquire it in the first place. Buy things you know will last you a long time and can be recycled after use


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