Unfinished Projects

One of the Top Clutter Causes (it deserves caps) is Unfinished Projects. The stuff that you have laying around and stuffed in storage because it's waiting for something else to be done on it before it can be used or discarded.


It's a major cause of clutter and a big stumbling block for many people trying to simplify their lives, so this week Bec and Tara dive in and discuss the different types of "unfinished stuff" clutter there is and how you might go about tackling it.

Show notes:

What do we mean by 'Unfinished Projects?'

  • Aspirational clutter

    • Things you aspire to do or to have done

  • Possibility clutter

    • Things you see the possibilities for but have not committed to actualising 

  • Unfinished tasks

    • household chores and cycles left incomplete ​



  • Craft projects

  • House renovations or DIY projects 

  • Mail opened but not actioned

  • Information - brochures/ pamphlets/ books/ guides not used but kept with the hope of using

  • Books/ papers/ magazines half read and then abandoned

  • Washing- like clothes washed but not folded

  • Dishes - like washed but not dried and put away

  • Paperwork stacked in piles but not filed

  • Bags of donations left in the boot of a car or piled at the front door


Why does it happen?

  • Procrastination

  • Lose motivation/ interest

  • It stops being fun/ relaxing 

  • Fear or finishing/ risk of failure/ perfectionism

  • Don’t schedule time/ too busy - lack of planning

  • Distracted by other projects

  • Insufficient tools/ resources 


How to avoid it:

  • When acquiring knowledge aim for getting the information ‘just in time’ - not too far ahead. 

  • Schedule time for starting and completing tasks-

  • Set a limit on how many unfinished projects you can have at one time.

  • Let go of the guilt of parting with an unfinished project you’ve abandoned (eg craft item)  

  • Get yourself an accountability partner or group


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