Decluttering without making a mess

Have you ever spent time trying to declutter only to realise that you're in more of a mess than when you started? This episode should help!


This week Bec and Tara get stuck into what causes you to get in a big mess when you try to declutter, and gives some advice on how to avoid it in the future.

Show notes:

Our golden rules:

  • Break it into zones/ phases

  • Declutter first, organise later

  • Be clear on your timeframe

  • Don’t put things down, put them away 

  • Do not delay a decision about anything- make it now

  • If they don’t have a home create one but do not waste too much time and energy on this

  • Don’t have a ‘keep box’ or ‘keep pile” - if you are keeping the item it must go into its home straight away

  • Make it work for you and your space - not one size fits all

  • Finish tasks- see things through to their end


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