Millennials, minimalism and your stuff

You've probably already figured out that your kids and your grandkids probably don't want your stuff when you're gone.


Have you thought about why? Is it because they're all minimalists? Or other reasons?


Bec and Tara have, and chat about it in this week's episode.

Show notes:

It used to be thought that owning fewer possessions was a process that happened as you got older and started downsizing post kids, but younger generations are embracing a more minimal lifestyle.


Joshua Becker shares his thoughts on why this might be the case: Millennials

  • Technology and Mobility: 

  • The Sharing Economy:

  • Environmental Concerns: 

  • Living Preferences: 

  • Experiences > Possessions:

  • Debt/Unemployment: 

  • Corporate Mistrust

Some of our thoughts:

  • Affordability 

  • Dawn of credit

  • Wealth

  • Delaying settling down

  • The Instagram effect


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