Marie Kondo part 1 - the books & 
Marie Kondo part 2 - the TV show

Part 1: Kondo-mania is sweeping Australia. This diminutive Japanese Tidying Queen's Netflix series has everyone in a frenzy of decluttering, with charities overloaded and everyone 'Konmari-ing' their homes. So as seasoned professionals that do what she does, Bec and Tara are asked a LOT what they think of the show, the method she uses and the 'quirks' of her techniques. 

In this episode they talk about her books- "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" and "Spark Joy" with their personal and professional reactions to them.


Part 2: Bec and Tara tackle Kondo's "Tidying Up" show on Netflix. 

From making Bec cry and having her talking to her house, to frustrating her. From helping Tara have her towels look amazing, to having her wondering how Kondo’s clothes stayed so neat and tidy; the show is dismantled and pondered over.


Looking at it through both personal and professional lenses, they provide their take on the pros and cons of the show, the positive and negative attention it’s getting, highlighting the bits they loved, and the bits they thought were lacking, they’ll give you an insight into the show that may, or may not, help you.

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