What's the #minsgame and should you play it? 

The #minsgame is a game created by The Minimalists, Joshua Fields-Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus.


The game's aim is to provide you with motivation, accountability and a straightforward method to declutter as many as 695 items from your home in one month.


Bec and Tara share their thoughts on it, and their experiences with doing it (and avoiding doing it, in Bec's case) in this episode.


If you're interested in playing the game yourself, make sure you join our Facebook Community Group to play with us in June.

Show notes:


  • Could you think of someone to play with? Maybe have a bet and whoever gets the furthest wins the prize - a coffee or meal out. $20 - whatever works for you.



  • Gets people thinking about stuff in a different way.

  • Playing with someone- accountability/ competition

  • Short-term commitment- big results


  • Regret

  • Impulsive letting go

  • Letting go of others possessions without their knowledge

  • Losing balance in life when focused on finding stuff to purge

  • Doesn’t address acquisition

  • Deadlines unrealistic- ‘get out of house by midnight’.

  • Promotes perfectionism and can be discouraging


Tara’s blog post “Binge Decluttering- Inspired or Illogical


  • Make your own rules if it gets too hard. 


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