Decluttering mode vs maintenance mode

Decluttering is not a one-off activity - it's something that stays with you for life. Although it is always with you, it does change over time, however.


This week Bec & Tara discuss what Maintenance Mode is, how it differs from Decluttering Mode and how each mode works. When do you know when you're in Maintenance Mode? Will you ever get there, and can you switch between the two?

Show notes:

Decluttering mode:

  • Active/ Dynamic

  • Cull

  • Stop buying

  • Gain momentum

  • Questions:

    • Do I need this?

    • Do I use this?

    • Do I  love this?

    • Is this for ‘just in case’ or ‘just for when’

    • What’s the worst that could happen?

You will never really be totally done with decluttering - not if you continue to bring things into your life, and maybe even in some cases if you don't. Remember that what you love and use and what works for your home will change over time. 

Maintenance mode:

  • Passive

  • No strong momentum to get stuff out - just a revisiting

  • Create good habits

    • 1 in 1 out

    • Seasonal clean

    • ‘Charity bag’ always on the go

    • Let go of something as it breaks or is worn out

    • Find triggers- like when you can't close a drawer
    • Pre Christmas/ birthdays - give before you get

Maintenance is not just about continuing to remove items - it’s also about NOT bringing excess back in. 

​Questions to ask yourself before you bring something into your house:

  • Do you need it?

  • Will it add value to your life?

  • Will it help you with the life you want to live?

  • Do you already have something very similar?


Carina Jane blog (about maintenance): 

  • Be picky about the things you allow in your home.

  • Be ruthless about keeping out clutter.

  • Be kind and gracious when refusing something.

  • Be confident in the lifestyle you have chosen.  


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