Toys Part 3- Organising and maintenance

Rounding up our epic "Toys" series, Bec & Tara discuss ways to organise and store toys, as well as how to maintain an organised (well, relatively - we are talking about kids so flexibility is a must!) toy space in the long term.


If you haven't already listened to our first two Toys episodes, check them out. And if you haven't listened to our "Raising Uncluttered Kids" episodes, they might be useful too.

Show notes:

  • Everything should have a home. 

  • Storage

    • Baskets/ bins - choose appropriate size and material for space and function. 

    • Plastic tubs for hard items

    • Baskets for more delicate items

    • Choose ones that are easy for kids to open and close, pull out and pack away

  • Clearly label - write labels or print pictures or colour code them

  • Store like with like

  • Be firm about kids toys taking over shared/ family space. This should start from a young age!

  • Low shelves at kids height - for access and tidy up

  • Give kids options to put special things away in their room. 

  • Lego storage - 

    • First think about how your kids engage in Lego play 

    • Underbed roll-away storage tubs/ box

    • Individually bag up sets with instructions

    • One giant tub 

    • Round storage & play bags

    • Colour coded pieces (fishing tackle boxes, craft boxes or tool boxes)

  • IKEA storage systems: TROFAST & KALLAX


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