"Buy once" items

17 Feb 2021

Hi! This week we're talking about buying items ONCE. Well, sort of....

Basically we're talking about how you might be able to buy items that last as long as possible - maybe even your whole lifetime - to reduce expense, space and waste.

We're not at all sure how it ended up so long this week, ooops! 

Show Notes:

Tips for buying things once:
- Save up for the best quality you can afford (do the sums on replacement costs if it makes you feel better)
- Buy second-hand reliably quality brands to get quality cheaper
- Read all the reviews
- Research warranties (& your country’s consumer protection laws)
- Avoid faddish colours/ designs etc - go classic (or stick with your own individual style) so it won't date
- Compare replacement costs with repair costs
- Don't keep the old one - if you’re buying quality you should no longer need a ‘spare’ one

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