"Care" with Brooke McAlary

30 June 2021

This week we are excited to be talking to the wonderful Brooke McAlary from The Slow Home Podcast about her new book "Care".

We chat about Brooke's journey from a person who told herself a whole lot of stories about what life was meant to be like, pushing herself to the limit (and over it!) to achieve what she thought she was meant to achieve, to someone who is leading the way in the Slow Living Movement (and of course being much happier in her own life, the main aim).

We also discuss Brooke's third book "Care", which is available now in Australian & New Zealand  bookstores everywhere, and The Book Depository and other international stockists for those in the rest of the world.

Show Notes:

Description of CARE - by Brooke McAlary taken from Allen and Unwin Book Publishers (allenandunwin.com)

"From the internationally bestselling author of SLOW comes a new call-to-arms for a new approach to living well - for everyone.

Care: The radical art of taking time explores what it means to care in smaller ways - for ourselves, our loved ones and our communities - and discovers that caring doesn't need to cost us our wellbeing, happiness or relationships. That making simple changes to how we live, spending more time in nature, putting down our devices and connecting with each other face-to-face, finding awe and wonder in the world around us and remembering how to play, will have ripple effects that reach far beyond our own corner of the planet.

With unwavering compassion and understanding, Brooke McAlary takes us on a journey to rediscover the small pleasures that create large ripples, reminding us that no one needs to shoulder the burden of doing it all by themselves - we only need to cast our eyes forward and start small, with care."

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