5 things you can declutter this week

30 Mar 2022

Sometimes we need a prompt to do some decluttering, so this week we've decided to provide it! We're looking into 5 things you can look to declutter this week - you can choose just one, or all five, or somewhere in between.  It's up to you!

Show Notes:

1: Medicine cupboard
- Old/ expired medicines
- Things you no longer use or require or didn't like for whatever reason
- Drop all of the pills/ liquids back to your nearest pharmacy to dispose of (don't put in landfill because it can contaminate the soil and seep into groundwater)

2: Purse/ wallet/ handbag
- Throw out old receipts/ shopping lists/ notes
- Shred/ destroy cards you no longer use or have expired
- Convert membership cards to online app/ wallet to lose the bulk
- Take excess coins into a coin-converter
- Remove all of the items for which you bag/ purse/ wallet is not their home

3: Mail/ Junk Mail
- Sort through the pile of mail (set a 2 min timer) - pull out anything that looks important (bills etc) and recycle all of the advertising material, magazines, coupon books, leaflets etc.
- Open the bills- recycle the envelopes and either pay now and file away or put in their home (on fridge/ in office etc)- no more PILES of mixed mail!!

4: Plastic/ disposable cutlery & napkins
- How many is reasonable to keep? Have you ever gone back to use them previously? Are you likely to in future?
- Recycle the hard plastic, bin the soft plastic and recycle the napkins.

5: Cardboard boxes
- Spare boxes kept for ‘just in case’ - take up so much room!
- Boxes are very replaceable - and don't have to be expensive (search on buy nothing sites), pickup from electronic, liquor or hardware stores for free
- Space is more valuable than box

What will you declutter today?

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