5 ways technology helps us declutter

23 Mar 2022

This week we're talking about different ways that technology can help us reduce our clutter.

From streaming to Marketplace, we'll cover 5 main ways to declutter using technology. 

Show Notes:

1: Digital entertainment
- Swap bulky book, dvd, cd collections for digital books, movies and music.
- Store everything in your phone/ tablet or access via subscription services like spotify, itunes, kindle, online libraries, netflix, prime video, apple tv.

2: Apps and programs for just about everything
- Recipes apps- bye bye bulky recipe books
- Language learning apps - no more dictionaries or exercise books
- No waste or Pantry check app - Prevent Food waste and keep track of what you have
- Password apps - to save passwords to sites (save your insecure hand-written lists)
- Consolidate your many lists and family calendars

3: Smart devices (like Google home hub, or nest) and smart watches for convienent organisation:
- manage things like thermostat & light control, keep notes and lists, set reminders for you, play your music and tell you the news or how long your commute will take, all with voice command.

4: Use online marketplaces to help you conveniently let go of or sell your stuff
- Social media groups- facebook marketplace
- Buy nothing sites
- Freecycle/ Gumtree
- Craigslist / Ebay etc

5: Scan or photograph documents you don't need/want to store hard copies of - keep on your hard drive or in the cloud and create more space on your shelves!
- Letters, receipts/ bills, Photographs, Certificates, Kids artwork etc

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