6 habits for decluttering in 2021 with Sara Brigz

6 Jan 2021

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that your 2021 is just what you need it to be.

If you're looking for some inspiration on some approaches to your clutter this year, this episode should help a lot.

Sara Brigz is a declutter coach based in Canada and has some handy and insightful tips for you to get around some decluttering blocks you might face in 2021. Sara is a coach that has made the journey herself so she knows that it's not about the stuff at all, and shares some of her wisdom with us today.

Show Notes:

6 Habits:
1 - Set one “big scary goal” each month
2 - Keep a sell/donate box by the door and/or in any room you’re trying to declutter
3 - Recharge your batteries
4 - Use laundry day as a guide to what you’re actually wearing
5 - Identify your “fantasy self” (i.e. the person you wish you were and that you often buy things for, and think about finding more self-acceptance)
6 - Strengthen your relationships (clutter is often a replacement for emotional needs that aren’t being met)

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