A Merry COVID Christmas

10 Nov 2020

It's November! That means Tara's been thinking about Christmas now for MONTHS and we can't hold her off any longer! 

So this week we're chatting about how to make Christmas a good experience for you, even if you have to have things a bit differently this year.  From activities to gifts, whether you're Zooming it or are celebrating in person, there's plenty to chat about. 

Show Notes:

This year will be a different Christmas for so many - travel restrictions, limits on numbers of people allowed to stay or visit with you in your home, closed restaurants, cancelled events even your work function might be different this year. So we’ve put together a few ideas to help you bring the festive feels despite COVID modifying our usual plans.

Connect with loved ones virtually:
- Find suitable platform: Skype/ Whatsapp/ FaceTime/ FB Messenger call/ Zoom etc
- Have a practice run to make sure everyone understands how it works
- Smaller gatherings are usually better than large
- Try a dress-up or themed event
- Hold a virtual carolling
- Have a virtual cooking class
- If kids are involved, consider a pre-planned scavenger hunt or other activity
- Think of doing something together while chatting (tea/ coffee/ wine/ face mask etc) - send a gift that can be shared while talking

What to buy?
- If you cant hand it over in person, consider purchasing online and having delivered - get in early
- Consider size and shipping costs
- If people live close (and you’re allowed out of your home) you could wrap and drop on the doorstep
- Support small local businesses where possible
- Consider giving a charity gift - tara’s example or donate some food/ money/ decorations to your local fire service, homeless shelter, nursing home

Activities to do if your local community stuff is cancelled:
- Take more time to decorate the tree
- Drive around to see the Christmas lights in your neighbourhood
- Do all the things you feel you don't have time for on a regular Christmas break (books/ movies/ puzzles)
- Be neighbourly
- Decorate community spaces

Make some new memories:
- Choreograph a dance or put on a festive play and send to friends/ family
- Advent calendars with activities
- Volunteer
- Create a new recipe or cocktail
- If you can have people over but are unable to have your family, consider adopting an oldie or another person who might be feeling isolated

Australian Christmas song: Six White Boomers (Rolf Harris) - see link below.

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