A Place for Everything

22 Sept 2020

You've heard the saying "A place for everything, and everything in its place". Bec and Tara live by this (well, the first half for Bec, at least!) and it really is life-changing.

So why would you have a home for everything? Listen in and find out the beauty of everything in your house having its very own little home it can go to.

Show Notes:

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” Benjamin Franklin

On the path of organising your home:
1st - declutter
2nd - reorganise.
It is during this reorganise that we should be aiming for everything you own to have a place.

Fork Principle - wherever in your space you find a fork, be it in your handbag, the lounge, the garage or in the middle of your backyard - you AND every person in your home knows where it belongs. Anyone can put it away and anyone can find it when they need it. The aim is to have the majority (if not all) of the belongings in your house being like the fork.

Benefits of items having homes:
- People aren't constantly asking you where stuff is - they learn once and then they know
- Easy for tidy up (regardless of who is doing it)
- No repeated decisions on where to put stuff ‘for now’
- Instead of putting it down you can put it away
- Things don't get LOST!
- Things last longer

People might be halted or derailed in achieving this because they are searching for the RIGHT place or home. Try to keep in mind:
- Keep like with like or friends with friends
- The right place for someone else might be the wrong place for you
- Get advice/ feedback from the people that use that item the most.
- It doesn't always have to make ‘sense’
- It doesn't have to be permanent
- Consider drawing yourself a map or inventory so that you can recall where an item is
- Don't expect it all to be done instantly - it's a work in progress.

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