Another 5 things to declutter this week

11 May 2022

Everyone loved our last "5 things to declutter" so much that we thought we'd do another one! You can choose one to focus on for the week, or tackle a few. There are no rules, this is just to help you choose without having to think too much!

Show Notes:

1: Unidentified food in the freezer/ fridge
- Anything growing fur/ mould or is no longer identifiable
- Possibly meat or veggies that have freezer-burn
- Anything past it used-by date which is no longer safe to eat

2 : Food/ Item packaging that takes up too much space
- If space is an issue in your pantry- think about decanting it into smaller containers
- Try to have some way to identify it so you can still find it easily - clear containers/ bins for items or colour coded tabs/ tags on the plastic packaging
- Consider an overflow or excess storage area for bigger items

3: Old party decorations that you thought you’d use again but never have
- Either make a plan now to reuse it for a party coming up or let it go.
- If you’re holding onto things tell your friends what you have (especially if its suitable for kids), because other people with kids similar ages can use it for their kids parties
- Don't throw out - put on buy-nothing site (people are always looking for cheap party decorations) or gift to a school/ daycare centre/ retirement village/ church group etc- they might use items for craft or for their own themed parties.

4 : excess or dried out markers/ pens/ textas
- Go through drawers/ desk/ stationery kits/ bags etc.
- Test them and throw out what doesn't work
- Donate the excess or duplicates if you wont use them

5: Spare & unused glasses - sunglasses/ reading glasses
- How many pairs is too many for you?
- It's probably a good idea to own a spare pair of prescription glasses as backup if one pair is lost or broken - but when your prescription changes, do you really need to keep the old ones?
- Maybe round up all the glasses you can find (don't forget to check bags and cars) and donate the excess

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