21 July 2020

Who's got a stash of artwork that's hiding around the place in every nook and cranny but NOT on the walls? Well, if you do then you're not alone!
This week, learn how to assess your artwork and decide if it truly belongs in your home.
Oh, and we're not talking the stuff your kid brings home - that's a whole other episode that's coming soon!

Show Notes:

What constitutes art in your home:
- Pieces: paintings, sculpture, ceramics, drawings, vases and more

Ask yourself:
- Does the space feel balanced with all you have?
- Is there the right combination for you of negative space (space that is empty) and space that is decorated or filled?
- How many pieces of art can you have to still be pleasing to your eye?
- Are you aiming for excitement and energy or calm and gentle?
- Do you still see it and you still look at it in its current location?
- What is your intention for owning them?
- What attention can they/ do they command in an overcrowded space?
- What do you do in that space and do they distract from what you’re trying to achieve?

If you decide to let go of your art:
- Can you repurpose?
- Valuer/ art collector/ fine art appraisals services
- If you want the memory take a photo

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