Aspirational Clutter- the life you wanted

31 Oct 2018

What is "aspirational clutter" and why are we hanging onto it? We'll give you some examples and some tips on how to deal with it. We also have some confessions to make about our own little aspirational clutter weak spots (hint- Bec can't sit down in her jeans and Tara thinks she's Heston Blumenthal).

Show Notes:

"So much of what we human beings hold on to is what we wish we were using — aspirational clutter. Objects that commemorate a life we aspire to but do not have." Penelope Trunk

"Aspirational clutter comes from a strong desire that we have culturally, to be better." Bec

"The first step is to forgive ourselves for not becoming that person that we aspired to." Tara

"Allow yourself to keep some, but just not all." Bec

Put boundaries on unfinished projects

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