Baby stuff: what you REALLY need

13 Apr 2022

This week we're still in Baby World and we're discussing al the stuff and how to work out what you REALLY need, what is worth acquiring and how to reduce what comes into your house (babies come with a lot of stuff, but they don't have to!).

Show Notes:

So what do you REALLY need for a baby? Actually much less than you might think.

- Don't buy a lot of clothing in newborn size (until you know what size your baby is)
- You don't need a lot of fancy outfits - comfortable is better and there will be a lot of changes (so you want easy to wash/ dry)
- Don't buy a ton of diapers/ nappies if you’re not sure which way you want to go
- Don't buy a lot of nappy cream, body wash, lotion etc- until you know how your baby’s body reacts to it
- Don’t buy a lot of swaddling items until you know if it works for your baby
- Breastfeeding is a personal choice but you need a lot less stuff when you breastfeed. If you’re buying bottles, consider how often you’ll use them, sizes and sterling requirements.
- Do your research and buy a stroller/ pram that has great functionality instead of buying many for different occasions.
- Reduce the amount of clothing accessories - hats/ shoes (before they can walk), sunglasses etc.

If you’re on a budget or want to minimise the amount of stuff:
- Use regular towels instead of baby/ hooded towels
- Skip the bassinet and go straight for the crib/ cot
- Bath in a regular bath (good way to boost arm muscles!) or kitchen sink (as long as its been cleaned)
- Put diapers in the regular bin rather than getting a diaper pail/ specialty bin
- Use cut up washable clothing/ rags as wipes rather than disposable
- Change baby on the floor rather than a change table
- Use tea-towels, spare baby blankets or wraps or face-washers as burp cloths.
- Use an existing tote/ backpack or favourite bag as a diaper bag- you don't need a special baby-one. A bag is a bag!!

Going forward:
- Be okay with purchasing things AS you discover you need them - not before.
- Create a wish-list for people to buy from rather than having them guess what you might want or need.
- Don’t feel obliged to keep everything your gifted (either new or as second hand)
- Where possible: try before you buy.
- Borrow the parenting books from the library or other friends before you buy them
- Be intentional with toys - have done shows on toys before- but often we hear about kids that enjoy the box more than the toy or enjoy playing with the Tupperware or your water-bottle more than the specialised baby toys. Go easy, see what works, let their curiosity be the guide and donate the ones that don't get played with. Rotate toys and books. Keep the ones of the moment in a basket or box that can be moved to where they are. You don't need a lot!

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