Be More With Less with Courtney Carver

10 Nov 2021

We are so excited to have the amazing Courtney Carver on as our guest this week.  Courtney is one of the world's most successful bloggers in the minimalism space, and is the creator of Project 333, the capsule wardrobe system that we've discussed on earlier episodes. She's also a podcaster and author (all round she's kind of a big deal!) - you can find all her info via the links below. 

Join Tara and Courtney as they chat about her experiences, and glean some wonderful wisdom from this sage of simplicity.

Show Notes:

"I spent much of my adult life tired, stressed, sick and doing work I didn’t care about to make ends meet. I always wanted more or thought I needed more to be happy, but realized after years of decluttering and letting go that happiness isn’t waiting for us, it’s within us.
If you are overwhelmed or exhausted (or both), I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I’ve worked too hard, spent too much, and slept too little. .. I moved from an a devastating multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2006 to feeling the best I’ve felt in decades, from being deep in debt and clutter to living debt and clutter free." Courtney Carver: Be More With Less
Links below to all of Courtney's resources including her blog, podcast, books and more:

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