Bedroom storage tips and tricks

16 Apr 2019

Following on from the episode on "Keeping Your Bedroom Clutter-free", Bec and Tara discuss bedroom storage specifically. From trunks to fold-down bedside tables, they discuss ways to make the most of the space in your bedroom.

Find out what's under Bec and Tara's beds, too!

Show Notes:

When you need more storage space consider:

Beds that include storage including: drawers underneath, shelves or hidden storage in the headboard

Create your own under-bed storage using vacuum bags/ plastic containers/ archive boxes/ baskets etc

Chests/ blanket boxes/ storage bench

Use wall space:

Shelves, hooks, racks, peg boards or cork boards for jewellery or small items

Fold down or hanging desk or night stand​

Maximise your storage in your wardrobe/ closet

Declutter items not used to fit the most in

Consider if you can keep off-season items elsewhere

Use drawer or shelf dividers or baskets to keep items organised and fit more in.

​Make sure your bedside tables have storage (drawers or shelves). If they don't, can you add storage to them either by putting a box/ basket underneath?

Use back of doors -

Install hooks to hang big items like gowns , shoe racks / holders, hooks for hats or scarves, mirror

Move furniture -

Can you put your bed in front of a window to create more floor space?

Can you swap out your bulky wardrobe for a cool clothes rack

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