Body Positivity

13 July 2022

TW: there is mention of weight and diet culture in this episode so please avoid it if you need to. 

This week we're having a bit of a chat about that mental clutter called "negative body image". 

Show Notes:

What is ‘poor body image’?
Healthline defines it as:
“involving being overly focused on comparing your size, shape, or appearance to unrealistic ideals. Holding yourself to a thin-ideal or an athletic-ideal may cause you to develop unhealthy self-talk, low self-esteem, or disordered eating patterns.”

There is a list of questions on the Healthline website (linked below) which can help you gauge how positive or negative your body image is.

Body image statistics - see link below

So, if we believe we have a negative body image, what can we do about it? How can we begin to overcome it?
- Work on your own judgements of others
- Appreciate how beauty standards have changed over time, driven by popular culture and media. Try to stop seeing beauty or perfection as what current trends tell us is beautiful/ ideal
- Remember that your thoughts ARE NOT facts!
- Accept genetics
- Think of your body more like a tool and less like a decoration
- Unfollow/ unlike social pages that encourage comparison or make you feel ‘less than’ and actively seek out body positive pages
- Where required, seek professional help

Some of our favourite body positive accounts include:
- Danae Mercer
- Bree Lenehan
- Sarah Nicole Landry- The Birds Papaya
- Taryn Brumfitt - The Body Image movement
- Turia Pitt
- Nathalia “loving my dots”
- Nina Tame (disability advocate)

Reference links