Can pets be clutter?

4 Aug 2021

This week we're probably going to get in trouble for even SUGGESTING this.... but *ducks* can you have too many pets?? Let's investigate and see!

Show Notes:

Why do we love having pets?
- Company
- Unconditional Love
- Active Lifestyle
- For our kids to learn responsibility
- To help an animal in need (rescue)
- For the fun of it

When is it "too" many pets?
- When you can't afford their healthcare
- When you can no longer provide adequate space
- Their welfare is compromised
- When your local council or landlord says so
- When you can no longer manage them in addition to all you need to do for you

What can we do to manage our pet levels?
- Gratitude for the ones we have
- Volunteer with animals outside of the home
- Understand your need for unconditional love and perhaps seek therapy so that you can manage it in a healthy way
- Remind yourself of the costs
- Don't go to pet stores of follow accounts that entice you to have more

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