Christmas clean-up

11 Dec 2018

When the jingle bells are quiet, you have a fridge full of leftovers, the presents are all unwrapped, you're sick of wine , and the friends and family all leave, what next?

How do you store your Christmas decorations? When do you pack up? What do you do with all the rubbish. Do you keep the paper, cards and ribbons? Do you pack up the tree on New Years Day like Tara or do you leave it up until practically Easter like Bec does?

Show Notes:

Dealing with rubbish:

Think about the cleanup when you're doing the wrapping. Only keep used paper ribbons if you have a place to store. Consider keeping fronts of cards for kids craft. Only store items if you know they will give you value at some future point. Put reminders in your phone for bin collection days over the holiday season.

Dealing with Christmas decoration cleanup:

Prevention is better than cure- reduce the amount you use and display to reduce the amount you have to store. Customised storage for items is not necessary- use moving boxes/ shoe boxes/ segmented wine storage/ egg cartons/ tissue paper and repurposed Christmas bags and wrap. Pack away well to prevent frustrations next year- wrap lights and tinsel around cardboard to keep tidy. Store your decorations in colours if you alternate themes. Donate tired items to nursing homes/ schools and daycare centres/ clinics/ charity stores.

Dealing with leftover food:

Make dishes with lots of ingredients (pizza/ curries/ fried rice), freeze fruit either whole or in ice cube trays. If you wont eat your food gifts or purchases consider giving to a homeless shelter or foodbank facility.

Consider whether you really should be throwing out your food waste - War on Waste

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