Clutter-free Christmas gift ideas

17 Nov 2021

It's getting to that time now where we start to get serious about our Christmas shopping lists. Want to avoid a huge amount of waste this year, and have some really memorable gifts to give that won't kill the environment or get shoved into the back of a cupboard? Listen up!

Show Notes:

When decluttering, most of us at some point have said the words - “I cant get rid of that because it was a gift.” Gifts have the potential to be huge clutter causes, because along with the physical item comes a sense of obligation to keep/ use/ store it. So this Christmas- how can we give gifts without the heavy obligation for people to keep and store them forever? give ‘clutter-free gifts!’

Survey (link below) of American adults in 2018 showed that 61% received unwanted gifts which equates to about $15.2 billion dollars.

This year try giving:
Gift Cards
Your Time
Charitable donations

For a comprehensive list, head to the links below to check out both Bec's and Tara's comprehensive lists of clutter-free gift ideas.

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