Coping with negative feedback

21 Apr 2020

What happens when someone tells you that your product, your work, something you've created, isn't so great? What does it mean, and how do you cope with that?

Bec and Tara got a bad review late last year and have now recovered sufficiently to have a chat about it (don't worry, we're fine, everything is are you?).

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Show Notes:

“If nobody hates you, you're doing something wrong.” Dr. Gregory House, House

When you get negative feedback or a bad review - how can you cope?

FACT: Negative feedback hurts.

Don't react instantly if possible

Take some time and space to process it.

Remember that a bad review only reflects a single person's unique experience.

It’s one opinion, not a life sentence.

Do some research to see if you can understand the situation more.

Appreciate that the reviewer might be going through something.

Acknowledge it and take responsibility.

Avoid getting defensive.

If you’re in the wrong- apologise.

Try to separate the behaviour from the person.

Explain yourself if you are given an opportunity.

Make sure you take the emotion out of your response.​​

Don't apologize if you or your company obviously didn’t do anything wrong.

Treat it as a learning experience.

Accept what you cannot change.

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