Cords & cables

16 Mar 2022

From the baskets, tubs and drawers filled with charging cables and power cords to the visible cables you can see around the house - this week we give you some tips to clear the cord and cable clutter!

Show Notes:

Use innovative solutions to keep cords & cables tidy and organised:
- Cord boxes/ cases
- Bundling together with velcro straps/ tape/ twist ties/ cable ties
- Zippered sleeve / piece of flexible piping
- Label your cables
- Cord corral (under desk tray)
- Ziplock bags keep them separate and untangled
- Cord managers (look like a guttering system)
- Bulldog clips

How to declutter them:
- Let go of the cord/ cable when you get rid of the matching item (don’t keep just in case cords!)
- Ask yourself
What duplicates do you need and why?
When was the last time you used them?
What are you keeping them for?
Do you still have the item which the cord was meant for originally?
Could something else you have do the job?

Where to donate spare cords/cables?
- This is e-waste and should be recycled if possible rather than just put into landfill
- Local government recycling centre
- Stationery or electronics shop
- If its something that can be used by others (like extension cords, power boards or hdmi/ usb cables etc) maybe put on free local marketplace site but make sure they are in working order and not damaged or frayed before donating or giving away

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