Dealing with Backsliding

16 Feb 2022

Backsliding is a part of growth, and so you most definitely will backslide on your decluttering and simplifying journey.  It means that you go backwards a bit - forgetting a new habit, letting old behaviours slip back into your day, making mistakes and messing up.

In this episode we explore how backsliding works, and how to deal with it when it crops up (because it will!).

Show Notes:

What might sliding back look like for you?
- Purchasing stuff you don't need or more than you need
- Unintentional acquisition
- Delaying decisions about what to do with something
- Not finding new homes for things or dumping things NOT away in their homes
- Thinking about buying storage to deal with clutter instead of decluttering

So when we catch ourselves doing it- what can we do.
- Recognise it
- Analyse it
- Get to know your triggers
- Name it
- Forgive yourself
- Correct your course

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