Decluttering and organising recipe clutter

20 Oct 2021

This is part 2 of our duo of recipe-related episodes.

This week is all about how to turn your unhelpful recipe clutter into a treasured collection that's easy to use and love.

Show Notes:

What is a helpful way to organize/ store recipes?

Books: on a shelf
- The closer to the kitchen the better or somewhere you are likely to pick them up

Loose recipe clippings: a few options
- Lined recipe book - notebook (hand write or stick in- scrapbook)
- Recipe cards/ box
- Files/ storage boxes & bins
- Binder/ plastic sleeves/ storage pockets

Converting recipes to digital files: Online app
eg: Paprika, My recipe book, Big Oven, Yummly, Cookmate

How to declutter?
- Find all of them
- Put into categories (ie Baking, Family meals, Entertaining etc)
- Choose just your favourites or ones you regularly use to start
- Review how much space you have - consider the storage options above for loose recipes
Let your space be the guide to the maximum amount you can keep
- Review your lifestyle and whether what you’re considering keeping supports and fits in with that - both the cooking and the storage/ access/ upkeep of organising solution

Donate unwanted books to charity stores or libraries/ books drives/ sell online marketplaces etc
Recycle the clippings and scraps if you aren’t willing to keep/ maintain a filing/ storage system for them

How to slow down the collecting -
- Practice appreciating without acquiring
- Try before you buy
- Use the one in one out rule - once you have decluttered and are at a healthy amount do you have one book or one recipe you are willing to let go of in place of this one?
- Have a boundary like a dedicated shelf

Recipe Books mentioned (Link provided below):
- Off the Shelf: Donna Hay
- The Silver Spoon
- Jamie's Kitchen: Jamie Oliver

Reference links