Decluttering and organising your pantry

28 Apr 2020

We're surprised it's taken us this long to do this topic! This week we talk pantries - why they get cluttered, why they get disorganised and how to overcome that.

Show Notes:

What is wrong with having a cluttered pantry?
Cluttered pantry leads to food waste -
“When it comes to food waste, current UN figures reveal that about one-third of food produced for human consumption annually, or 1.3 billion tonnes, is wasted around the world.” - See link below
Frustration& stress - not find what you’re looking for
Wasted money - duplicates/ throwing out stuff past use-by dates

How to declutter:
Get everything out or if time poor go shelf by shelf/ section by section.
Clean space well
Sort into categories
Decant things into containers if you have them
Get rid of things past their used by date - or assess suitability
Contact local shelters to donate excess food items
Put things back according to your plan

Organising tips:
Lazy-susan for sauces/ spices/ condiments
Spice racks
Stepped storage for smaller items
Overflow storage
Baskets or tins for grouping similar items
Stackable containers - avoid containers you can’t see into
Decant larger (especially boxed) items into containers to save space

Reference links