Decluttering baby stuff

20 Apr 2022

This week is our last week in Baby World and we're discussing the hardest part - decluttering the baby stuff. It's not an easy task, but we have a few tips to help you navigate it so you aren't weighed down by all the stuff for decades to come!

Show Notes:

Baby stuff can be very sentimental because:
- Kids grow up so quickly
- Remind you of a brief window of time - link to the past
- Things are so cute!!

Like all things we discuss - try to hold onto the memory but let go of the stuff.
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your kids might want to see it all one day! Why do YOU want to keep them? Be honest.

- If you want more kids then you might pack it away somewhere but where possible remove it from the space.
- Be sure to clearly label items packed away - including sizes etc
- Make peace with the idea that you are done having babies - for some people this takes longer than others. But once you decide- it’s time to let go of the stuff
- Don’t keep stuff to pass onto others - unless you know exactly who those others are and their intentions about children
- Try to let go of one thing as that phase ends and a new milestone is hit or phase starts
- Make a dedicated time - like a spring clean but maybe it’s approaching the kids birthday every year that you let go of all of the things (toys, clothing, accessories) they no longer use.
- Take photos to make it easier to let go
- Could the money be handy right now? Maybe selling items or putting in a consignment store and getting the cash to go towards something else might be motivation to finally part with it.
- Donate things to those people less fortunate- gives you a great feeling
- Don't keep a multitude of things for other people’s kids when they come to visit
- Create a natural boundary for holding onto truly sentimental items

Think of letting go of baby items as good practice for all the other letting go you will do as a parent - as kids grow you will have to let go over and over again, clothing, toys, sporting items and hobbies, and then eventually letting go of the kids themselves as they become adults.

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