Decluttering when you have no space to sort

31 Oct 2018

Have you been prevented from decluttering because your house is too full of stuff? Sometimes people hit the roadblock of "no space to sort" and as much as they'd like to clear some things out, they find it virtually impossible because there is no room to move. In other news, Tara makes fun of Bec's weeding analogy and subsequently Bec wishes she didn't edit out Tara's funniest mistakes!

Show Notes:

"Once you start the movement of stuff out of the space, you'll get some momentum and then you can build on that." Tara

Marie Kondo Book: "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

Julie Morgenstern Book: Organising from the Inside Out

Weeding Technique: Look at it like a garden bed. Weed out the things in reach that you can part with, without pulling everything out.

Two Trash Bag Tango- Peter Walsh. One bag for trash, one for donations. Do a cursory sweep of your zones to fill the bags.

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