Decluttering your car

26 Nov 2019

Sometimes our cars can get really cluttered, whether by stuff we just leave in it, or stuff we deliberately carry around with us.

But how would you like your car to be like? If you'd like it a bit less "full", Bec and Tara chat this week about how you can keep yours uncluttered, even if you have young kids (except you'll still have sultanas rolling around the floor, that's a given...).

Show Notes:

Australians and Americans spend on average 1 hour per day in their car - but there are many who spend more. Approximately 20% of Australians spend 90 mins or more.

Clutter in the car is not just a physical nuisance but can cause us mental stress and distraction whilst driving. It reduces our ability to focus, inhibits effective decision making ability PLUS it's just a nicer experience driving in a decluttered/ tidy car!

It’s also on display! Everyone can see what’s in it when you’re out.

What is the most common clutter found in cars?

Waterbottles/ drink containers

Coffee cups

Food wrappers/ rubbish


magazines/ books

Camping gear/ chairs

Sports equipment

What should you keep in your car?



First aid kit

Pen/ paper

Reusable bags


Phone charger

Possibly torch and batteries

Car registration papers/ manual/ insurance/ roadside assistance paperwork if required

Tips for keeping it uncluttered:

Clean out regularly

Keep a bin or bin bag in car (especially for long trips)

Use triggers like when filling up with petrol to discard trash

If you must keep stuff in the car look for appropriate storage/ organisers

Kids ones for toys/ books/ screens (back of seat/ middle seat)

Boot ones

Visor organisers for phone/ sunglasses/ receipts

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