Decluttering your phone

28 Jan 2020

Phone a cluttered mess? We'll help you work through it. From apps to messages to contacts - we fess up on our phone sins and give you ideas on how you can get your phone a little more uncluttered so it works for you, and not the other way around!

Show Notes:

The Guardian:

Adriene Matei: “I spend an average of two hours and 20 minutes a day on my phone, according to my iPhone’s Screen Time function. Yet it’s somewhat more difficult to be nonchalant when I realize my daily habits amount to me spending 35 days a year, or over five (five!) years of my remaining life, on my phone.”

That total does not include the hours she spends on her laptop, nor watching Netflix. The average daily phone time for people is 3hr15 mins.

Tips for decluttering your phone:

Delete unused apps

Create folders for apps of a similar nature

Move most frequently used apps to your home screen​

To find out how many contacts you have - scroll to bottom of list- delete ones you no longer use

Backup photos to cloud, desktop, hard drive or other service rather than keeping ALL on your phone.

When someone sends you an image - save it to your photo stream and delete the message

Change settings to delete message threads after 30 days/ one year etc. ​

Disable most notifications (especially if you open the app a lot like FB, Twitter or IG etc)

Put ‘Do not disturb’ on when you go to bed

Use streaming services for video/ music and reduce how many files are actually stored on your phone

Remove downloaded books once you have finished reading

Other Tips:

Use search function to find things quicker

Huff Post story abut average number of contacts link below

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