Digital Clutter

2 Mar 2022

This week we're tackling our PCs and laptops. From a billion copies of photos to passwords and desktops, we're chatting about a few ways you can keep the clutter down.

Show Notes:

Decluttering: remove anything you don’t use anymore or won’t use in the near future.

Desktop - how do you access your programs? Do you use your desktop? If you don’t, clear it off completely. If you do, get rid of any you don’t use anymore, and organize it all for easy access.

Tabs: having a billion browser tabs open can be useful for some, but is stressful for many. A few tips to minimize it:
- Finish what you’re doing then close the tab. Don’t leave halfway through a purchase or reading an article then jump to something else
- Save anything properly then close the tab. Use bookmarks, Evenernote, Keep or OneNote to save the contents of the page or the URL for later without the tab staying open
- You can organize your tabs into new windows and label them (the name of the window is really handy to have when you do an Alt-Tab.
- Close windows at the end of the day- start with a blank slate

Photos - you can install programs that find duplicates (the biggest digital clutter causer on PCs!).

Files - regularly clear out your temp folders, and look for duplicates and remove them whenever you’re poking around your files.

Email and Inbox: see link below to previous episode

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