Do you buy souvenirs? & other listener questions

18 Dec 2018

What sentimental items can't you let go of?

Do you buy souvenirs?

Should I go into my kids' rooms and clear them out when they're not around?

Were you always organised and uncluttered?

How do you find homes for things?

These are just a few of the (sometimes curly!) questions (or quristions as Tara likes to call them... hee hee) that we've been asked by our listeners, and we have a good shot at answering them!

Show Notes:

“Should we clear out our kid’s stuff on the sly when they’re at school?”

NO - Recommend you declutter with children. Teach them, work with them, guide them. When kids feel out of control or lose trust, they will cling on tighter to their belongings.


“Do you buy souvenirs when you travel?”

Yes- Souvenirs can give you the feeling of ‘prolonging the holiday but they can easily become sentimental clutter – so beware!

“I try to buy something practical or something I really love like art.” Tara

“I rely on the photographic memories and the odd practical thing.” Bec

“How do you decide where something should live?”

The more stuff you have, the harder it is to find home for things

Ask yourself- Where will I use this? How frequently will I use this? Where would you go looking for this? Where are its mates?

“Have you always been well organised and clutter-free?”

“No. But I have always been easily distracted by clutter....It came, for me, moving 10 times in 20 years. Just handling my items over and over made me think about them in a different way.” Tara

“No. I am naturally disorganised, but I am clutter free...It was moving in with a man who was very clean and tidy and particular that prompted me.” Bec

“How many birthday and Christmas cards should we keep and for how long?”

There is no magic number. It depends on: how much space you have, how sentimental you are and how much value you get from the items

It has to be a helpful number – set yourself a boundary based on the available space you have for them in your home

“Do you have any sentimental clutter, that you are struggling to part with?”

“Yes- I have a box frame with a portrait of my great grandmother. I struggle with the notion of being a custodian of this item even though it doesn’t add value.” Tara

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