Exploring Frugality with Deanna Yates

27 July 2022

This week Tara chats with Deanna Yates from Wanna Be Clutter Free about what it means to be frugal, and how you might apply some of the principles to your life, and how it might change how you see and experience life. Spoiler alert - it's not about being cheap!!

Show Notes:

Deanna Yates is the founder and CEO of Wannabe Clutter Free and the host of the popular podcast, the Wannabe Minimalist Show (see links below), where she helps busy families learn how to let go of the stuff holding them back so they can enjoy more time together, stop spending their weekends cleaning house, and wake up excited for the day ahead. Deanna is mom to one daughter, wife to a startup entrepreneur, and is currently living her dream life in San Diego, CA.

Deanna talks to us on this show about her experiences with frugality.

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