Five ways to help kids let go

11 Aug 2021

This week we're honing in on children, and suggesting some ways that you can help your kids let go during decluttering and organising.

Show Notes:

Golden rule: Do it WITH them not TO them!

1. Figure out what their CURRENCY is - what do they really want?
- Cash
- Charity
- Change

2. Use/ Set boundaries and rules
- You can have as many as will fit in "this' space
- One in, one out

3. Speak in a language that is age appropriate
- Best friends
- Homes for things
- Samples (not collections), hall of fame, legacy, style

4. Teach by example
- Help them understand the lifecycle of belongings
- Recognise and appreciate the attachment, show gratitude before letting go, allow time for decision making

5. Make it Fun
- Do it often so it takes less time
- Music on/ dance party/ shoot hoops into bins and baskets
- Reward the effort (not the outcome)

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