Fridge Stuff

10 Mar 2021

This week we're doing a practical episode and we're decluttering and organising the fridge.  There's a welcome return to some stats (we've missed Tara's stats!) and some gross stuff about fruit gases. Well it's gross if you think of it how Bec thinks of it....

Show Notes:

Get to know your fridge:
- Read product manuals (know how it is designed)
- Understand what your drawers are intended for (airflow rates, temperatures, humidity)
- Check temperature - ideally 40 degrees Farenheit or 4 degrees celsius (or below) for fridge and 0 fahrenheit -18 for freezer.

- Dont stack food too close to sides or back.
- Store meats/ dairy in the coldest parts of the fridge.
- Don't store items which easily spoil in fridge doors as they tend to have a higher average temperature than other parts of the fridge.
- Keep raw meat in sealed containers and beware of potential dripping or spilling onto other items.
- Don't overfill - creates uneven cooling
- Try to keep small gaps between food items or containers so that the cool air can flow freely between and around items.
- If you have a stinky fridge - put an open container/ box or baking soda on a shelf. It will absorb odours.
- Don't store potatoes in fridge (1-2 week life in fridge or 1-2 month life at room temp)
- Do use clear containers if you have them so you don’t forget what’s there- or labels
- Rotate items to use the oldest first.

Understand fruit and veg
- humidity preferences
- ethylene production and sensitivity
- more info in links below

Reference links