Gardening Stuff

7 July 2020

Most households have some gardening gear in them. From those of us that have aaaall of it, to those that just have a watering can and an old bottle of fertiliser under the sink somewhere that they aren't sure how it got there, we all need to figure out how to declutter and organise it so that we can find it when we need it!

Show Notes:

Decluttering Garden Stuff:
- Be ruthless! You don’t need as much stuff as you might think
- Are they still useful or are they expired, rusted, full of holes or full of spiders?
- Do they work the way they should?
- If you rarely use it, is it really worth keeping or can you make do without it?
- Do you have more than is helpful (this can apply to plants too!)
- Do you have duplicates you can live without? (yes you probably do)
- Could you move to a sharing arrangement

Consider donating items that have some life yet to community gardens, gardening/ landcare groups, mens-sheds etc.

Organising them:
- Group items together in like groups that make sense to you
- Use tubs or baskets to keep them separated
- Seal off soils and chemicals and make sure they are not accessible for children
- Use the walls/ shelves (especially if moisture can get in)
- Label anything you cannot see inside of

- Shop intentionally!
- Consider repair rather than replacement
- Do a declutter and organise every season change

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