Getting Crafty

2 Apr 2019

Craft room too full to do craft? Desk too covered in stuff to do stuff? You're not alone! If you're drowning in beads, threads, fabric or needles; if you're overwhelmed by paints, wool, ribbons and card; if you're suffocating under fabric, washi tape, mosaics and yarn... listen in!

Bec & Tara talk about why we end up with craft clutter, how our personalities can affect it and how letting go can open the doors to your crafts again.

Show Notes:

Creative people can find it hard to categorise their items to sort and put away and can also struggle with the balance between their crafting space looking pretty vs being practical.

Set boundaries and limits around unfinished projects. Aim not to start new projects until you have finished your backlog of projects on the go. Find yourself an accountability partner or start a social media group of people to help encourage and spur each other on to finish craft projects.

Face the fact that you might have to cull some of your craft supplies to enable you to get back in that space to start crafting. Consider selling supplies online or donating your surplus to people who have no access to craft materials like crisis centres, nursing homes or schools.

Realise you cannot do all crafts at once. Trying to do everything and own a lot of craft supplies can mean you do nothing at all.

Consider trying a craft first to see if you really love it before you buy all of the supplies.

Sort your craft room in two phases. Phase one should be about taking control and having your space orgasnied. Phase two can be about making it look beautiful but that should not be the priority.

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