Getting through these COVID times

31 Mar 2020

Well, this is all very surreal and horrible and strange. This is the first episode we've recording during the height of the corona virus pandemic.

We hope you're all doing okay, and that it's also okay to not be okay.

Today we chat about strategies for coping during isolation and lockdown, and some advice on decluttering during it IF you want to (no pressure!).

Show Notes:

Home-schooling (supervising schooling) or working from home:
Keep your same routine during the week
Supplement school-work or work-work with fun activities to keep spirits high
Change locations for breaks - go outside to get fresh air, move your body in any way that feels good for you
At home PE classes: Joe Wicks - Body Coach on You Tube
Consider creating a separate zone for working and living if your home permits
If doing lots of work on screens find leisure activities which aren't on a screen
Boost pocket money with additional optional chores or teach kids life lessons (cooking/ cleaning/ looking after pets etc)
Praise your kids. Listen to their concerns. Reassure them.

Lower your expectations: Blog Post - Tara Tuttle (see link below)

Pomodoro technique - see link below

Keep sane & bring some joy:
Learn a new skill - language, playing guitar, piano, watercolour painting, hip hop, singing etc
Universities and education centres offering courses online - Yale: Happiness course
Start a new exercise or wellness routine - Mindful in May​
Plan for date nights and celebrate occasions by changing up the routine
Mark the weekend by doing things differently: sleep in, watch a movie, make pancakes, organise a group video chat with family and friends
Do things around the house that you’ve been meaning to do but have been putting off​
Look out for others - call people, send letters or gifts
Rediscover old music or movies that you haven't watched in a long time

If you're planning some decluttering:
Start with the area that will give you the biggest rate of return.
Don’t go too big though- small is preferable.
Set some goals - what do you want it to look, feel and function like?
Create an unwanted zone. Find a place in your home to put everything (out of sight and reach preferably) so that you know what you’ve made decisions on and when life becomes more normal, you can have them leave the house for good.
Is your goal to have a home for everything? Write or draw a plan for your room- what needs to live in it, and what storage do you have? Use those boundaries to then declutter the excess.
Write down any storage items you might need to buy when you can go shopping again

Decision making
Does it give you value - does it give more than it takes?
Will you be able to cope with the inconvenience if you realise later you do need it?
Rebecca's book- Letting Go: How to choose freedom over clutter - see link below

Thinking about “after”
What habits do you need to now establish to keep your areas clutter free? Look at:
Shopping habits
Attachments you have
Other acquisition habits
The habit of cramming your schedule - now that you’ve experienced a “free” schedule, will that change how you fill your time in the future?

Reference links