Gifting Cupboards

19 May 2020

Gifting cupboards are places where you can store gifts, cards, ribbons and wrappings.
Some people swear by them (Tara) and others don't really bother (Bec!).

In this episode, one of them will convince the other. Tune in to see whose mind is changed!

Show Notes:

- Organised
- Save money
- Good way to regift or pass on duplicates
- Handy if you live a long way from shops
- Good for kids party gifts

- Forget what you have- buy duplicates
- Takes up space
- Hard to organise/ store neatly
- Validates your unnecessary purchasing
- Can be less thoughtful

Tips if you have a gift cupboard:
- Set boundaries
- Buy items that won't date/ go out of fashion or spoil quickly
- Buy generic patterns of paper - masculine/ feminine/ childlike/ neutral
- Buy blank cards so that you can personalise
- Store in a way that you can see everything or keep an inventory on the door
- Store in a clean cool place that wont get dusty, too hot/ cold/ damp or exposed to sunlight
- Store a roll of tape, a pair of scissors and a pen nearby or in the cupboard

Tara has a custom-made under-bed wrapping station/ storage. See link below for image and plans to make your own.

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