12 Mar 2019

Is your handbag like the Tardis? Do you have everything in there you could possibly need in all sorts of situations? Or do you have a pared-down approach? If you're in the US, we're talking about your purse/pocketbook. When we mention the word "purse" in this episode, we're talking about a wallet.

As expected, Bec & Tara have very different handbag situations (which are surprisingly consistent with the aspects of their lives!). Tara keeps control by being organised and Bec keeps control by opting out and minimalising. Learn their tips and tricks to tame your handbag and save yourself loads of time.

Show Notes:

This is a great place to start your decluttering journey – if you’ve been listening but haven’t actually gotten to decluttering yet then this is the place for you.

According to the daily mail: Pilot Pen Australia conducted a survey of almost 1,500 Australian women in order to discover what we put in our handbags

34.5 per cent of women spend 81 days over their lifetime searching for things in their handbags,

18.5% women spend 10 minutes every day searching through their handbags, Thats 162 days.

Just 3.7 per cent of women said they knew where to find everything.

“A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag.” Billy Connolly

How to declutter? Take it all out and just put back in what you want – re home the rest.​ Keep similar items together in smaller bags (small toiletry bags, coin purses etc), such as makeup and cords, stationery. If you regularly put trash in your bag (gum wrappers, band aids etc) keep a small ziplock bag or paper bag in their to keep rubbish and empty regularly. Consider getting an app for your phone to store loyalty cards

Size – choose wisely. The bigger your bag, the more room for clutter​

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