Happy 100th to us!

8 Sept 2020

Welcome to our 100th episode! We're so happy to have shared this journey with you over the last couple of years.

This week it's a mixed back of all sorts of topics, from some of Bec & Tara's household organising hacks to questions from our valued community.

Thanks for listening, lovely humans, we really appreciate it. 

Show Notes:

Our organising hacks:
- Cooking with a sink full of soapy water and washing implements as you go
- Keeping a drawer/ bag/ box for items to be donated at all times
- If you iron-as-you-go, iron two pieces whenever you need one
- Take a photo of your fridge and pantry before you go to get groceries so you don’t over buy “just in case” items
- Use your phone for storing all sorts of easily forgettable (but handy) information
- When you meal-plan, coordinate meal ingredients to make half a meal the night before
- The nightly 3 minute tidy: whiz around all the rooms and pick-up/ straighten/ tidy whatever needs it for a fresh start the next day
- ALWAYS fold, hang or temporarily leave clothes flat when taking them off the line to save ironing and prevent crumpling

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