Having Better Conversations

23 June 2020

If you're anything like Bec and Tara, you're going to be blushing and nodding throughout this whole episode!

This week we chat about the dos and don'ts of conversation and how to improve your conversations and listening. it's okay, we're terrible at it ourselves so no judgement here if you identify!!

Show Notes:

If you want to start having good conversations again here are a few important things to remember:
- Keep it Brief
- Don’t compare your situation to theirs
- If the conversation is important- don't multi-task
- Be curious about what you might learn or understand from someone else talking
- Go with the flow
- Really listen!

Bill Nye: “Everyone you ever meet knows something you don’t.”
Steven Covey: “Most of us don’t listen with the intent to understand, we listen with the intent to reply.”
Celeste Headlee: "Enter every conversation assuming you have something to learn.”

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